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22 February 2013 @ 02:21 am
Team Breakdown  

*Team Breakdown*
All you need to know about the teams of Quickville!

Team Puckerman:
Mascot: Puckzilla himself!
Their hangout: team_puckerman
Motto: TBD

Team Fabray:
Mascot: The one and only HBIC!
Their hangout: team_fabray
Motto: TBD

Team Beth:
Mascot: Puck and Quinn’s perfect little angel, Beth!
Their hangout: team_beth
Motto: TBD

Quickville Lounge:
This is your community-wide social comm! *see below

Community wide social comm. This is a very important place, and where you will post some of your challenges. Announcements, comm-wide social activities, polls, etc. and anything not related to issuing challenges can be found there. 

The following will take place in the future!

Each team will have a weekly group activity. No, they do not earn points for it (sorry). It’s actually a socialization activity! No one is forced to participate, but is encouraged! I will issue the activity myself in their perspective Team Hangouts (team communities).

Weekly team chats! These chats will take place exclusively within your team. They are ran by your mods, and encouraged to take place at least once a week. You may even see lil’ ol’ me pop in sometimes! ;)    

Games, activities, chats, memes, etc. are all things you can do within your team to socialize and have fun! Your Team Hangouts are YOUR own special place to share with your team. Anything goes there! (but, keep it legal and PG-13, please).