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22 February 2013 @ 02:09 am
FAQ and Rules  

• FAQ •

• WHAT IS Quickville?
We're inspired after land comms like liarsland
, gleek_land, and many others... but with a twist! It’s all Quick (rather separately, or with their daughter, Beth!). We have three teams (Puckerman, Fabray, and Beth) and everyone participates in various challenges like games, graphics, fanfic, and other assorted activities. Users earn points that are accumulated with their team to see which one, at the end of a 3-4 month round, WINS!

- Accept all your invites to join your team.
- Check out the open challenges post
- And start participating!

Follow the directions at the post. Unless otherwise stated, ALWAYS submit your entry to that post. You will usually reply to your team's thread, with your entry. For example if you're on
Team Beth then post your entry or a link to your entry (depending on the type of challenge) as a reply to that comment.

You are encouraged to enter any and all challenges you can. You should enter at least one challenge every two weeks. If you should be inactive during this time, without informing/talking to a mod, you will be removed from your team's community. You are more than welcome to re-apply however once you have more free time on your hands.

At the first comment to every challenge, a moderator will create a question thread, you will REPLY TO THEIR COMMENT with your question. It may take up to 24 hours to get back to you. If you don't reply to that thread we can't guarantee that we'll see your question in time.

Not at all! While there is occasionally voting, participation is what's most important! It's the effort that counts most, so jump right in!
Also, for voting challenges, you will have the option of having your entry withheld from voting. Just tell us in your entry.

Any additional questions about the abovementioned or anything on your mind, please ask here!

• Rules •

1. Be polite to other members, other teams, mods, challenge runners and just everyone you’ll encounter here. We understand people have different opinions, but this should in no way lead to personal attacks on fellow members. Speak to others with respect and you shall receive it. This is an easy going, social, team effort community. If you can't get along with people of different backgrounds, personalities, etc. you don't belong here.

2. DO NOT bash ships or characters. You will be removed. This is your first AND last warning.

3. Participation: There should be around 30+ challenges issued over the 3-5 month round(s). We ask you do one of two things: either make a goal to participate in 16 of the challenges (that’s half of the intended 32 challenges to be issued), or participate every 2 weeks. This isn't to exclude busy people. It is to keep the teams as active with participating members as possible. You do not have to do every single thing, just do something. Members will be notified before I cut them out of the community. Please, if you know you can't stay at the community or you need a hiatus notify us at the designated post.**

4. Follow Instructions set out on challenge posts. The rules are there for a reason! Instructions to look for:
· Size limits are to be followed.
· If a format is provided, please use it.
· Time limits are enforced.

If challenge submissions do not follow the rules, OR if your entry isn't submitted correctly according to the rules listed, points will not be awarded AND OR submissions will be totally ignored* (*if it is an easily fixable issue, I will give you the opportunity to correct it; I completely understand having technical issues beyond ones control).

5. Spoilers: must be warned clearly in all fic summaries above a livejournal cut. If used for graphics, in non-voting challenges, we ask that you give a link to a post outside of the comm with the graphics. One week after an episode(s) airdate will be when it is no longer considered a spoiler.

6. Ratings: PG-13 for entries to be voted on. If it’s a participation only challenge, just warn appropriately.

7. Anything created for challenges should be new material made for that challenge. We ask that you not submit older, previously finished fanfics or graphics.

**Note: I am a college student, new to modding, and doing this alone. The rules listed here are enforced, but they will not run this community. It’s important to me that any prospective members understand that I am a very understanding, patient, and busy person. So, if the Participation rule worries/scares you, don’t sweat it! I will not force anyone to do anything, ever. And if ever an issue arises where you have trouble being active, but don’t want to leave and or take a hiatus (we all have bad days/weeks), shoot me a PM and we’ll work something out. Although, please do not abuse this privilege! If you do, and I find out/suspect, it will result in removal!

If any further issues/questions/concerns with the Participation rule, please PM me.

GENERAL RULES (summary of above)
1. As per Live Journal policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to participate in quickville.

2. Respect is a mutual thing! Respect your team mates, as well as all other teams. Bashing and flaming will not be tolerated. It is, all in good fun after all!

3. quickville
is a closed community that may only be posted in by mods. Any promotions, discussion and social activities are housed in the social community,  qv_lounge. Feel free to post anything you'd like there, or in your team community.

4. You must participate in at least 1 challenge every 2 weeks.
quickville has a variety of challenges in hopes that at least one will interest everyone. We are not asking you to participate in everything, nor do we want to pressure you into doing so, but we do ask that you participate in something.

5. Each challenge post contains guidelines for each challenge. It is important to make sure that you follow any specific instructions in those posts. Not following these guidelines will result in your points not counting for that challenge.

6. We are a spoiler-free zone. If you would like to discuss spoilers or use spoilers in your entries, please make sure they are warned accordingly.